Crypto NewsEthereumETH Staking Reward Amount Reached $2 Billion!

ETH Staking Reward Amount Reached $2 Billion!

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With the launch of the Beacon Chain development in 2021, Ethereum investors have the option to stake. Investors who buy long-term cryptocurrencies have the chance to earn double income by locking their tokens while they expect the ETH price to rise.

Blockchain research company Delphi Digital, in its latest report, has determined that users who make staking transactions have won a reward of $ 2 billion in Ethereum (1.1 million ETH) to date.

Verifier Stream to Ethereum Network!

The Merge update, which was completed in the past months, completely changed the functioning of the Ethereum network. While transactions made in the blockchain were previously verified with the energy consumed by the graphics cards (Proof-of-work) system, today the ETH chain works with proof-of-stake.

After the update, the deflationary structure in the Ethereum supply and the expectations for the future caused investors to be more interested in long-term investments.

According to Beaconscan data, the number of validators on the ETH network has increased by 67,000 since the beginning of the year. The number of users locking their Ethereum to the network thus increased to 560,000.

One of the biggest goals of the proof-of-stake system was to make the Ethereum network more decentralized. However, the fact that most of the staking activities are gathered in 5 different people or organizations raises some concerns.

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