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E-Commerce Giant Builds Metaverse Platform on AVAX Network

The Chinese e-commerce giant collaborated with Avalanche for the virtual universe launchpad platform called Cloudverse.

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Alibaba Cloud, the cloud data storage service subsidiary of Alibaba, one of the largest e-commerce platforms in China and the world, wants to make it easier for its large customers to enter the metaverse universe.

According to the news reflected in the crypto press before the Avalanche Summit event, the e-commerce giant will use the AVAX network for the launchpad platform called Cloudverse.

With Alibaba's new metaverse platform, it is aimed to enable customer businesses to design and implement their own virtual worlds on Avalanche.

Ava Labs manager John Wu emphasized that cloud services want to take a place in the Web3 universe. For this reason, the company is working hard to recruit blockchain developers who want to bring their projects to life.

AVAX's Metaverse Advantage

Unlike most blockchain networks, Avalanche also has subchains. Sub-blockchain networks offer more options for developers' specialized needs. The e-commerce giant may therefore have chosen AVAX for the platform.

Ava Labs founder Emin Gün Sirer previously stated that it takes as little as "15 minutes" to create a metaverse universe on their own networks.

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