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Did the US Government Really Sell Bitcoin? We Reviewed On-chain Data, Here’s the Latest Information!

Did the incident of the US government selling Bitcoin, which is claimed to be the cause of the decline in Bitcoin, really happened?

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According to information recently reported by Arkham Alert, it was claimed that there was activity in Bitcoin wallets under the control of the US government.

Then, there was a sudden decrease in the BTC price and BTC, which managed to rise above $ 30,000 during the day, fell to around $ 27,000.

The sales allegations were not confirmed by official authorities.

However, the fact that the information shared by Arkham Alert was not supported with further details aroused suspicion in the cryptocurrency community.

In addition, the owner of the allegations, Arkhan Alert, deleted his tweets from his official Twitter account that the US government was selling Bitcoin.

So did the US government really sell Bitcoin?

When we examine the on-chain data of the wallets in which the US government previously confiscated BTCs, we see that there is no activity in the wallets in question.

When the data provided by Glassnode as is examined, especially Mt. There is no change in the BTC balance in the Gox wallet.

According to Glassnode, there is no activity in MT.GOX wallets.

Again, claims that the US Government is also selling have been denied according to on-chain data.


Arkham Alert, the owner of the claim, said in its latest statement that the false information that the USA was selling was due to a bug.

Thus, it turned out that the news that caused the decline in Bitcoin was not actually true.

*Not investment advice.

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