Crypto NewsExchangeDate Clarified for the Launch of Coinbase's Blockchain Base!

Date Clarified for the Launch of Coinbase's Blockchain Base!

The date has started to become clear for Base, which is designed as the layer-2 Blockchain of the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase.

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Coinbase's Layer 2 network Base plans to launch its mainnet in 2023.

Jesse Pollak, President of Base and Head of Protocol at Coinbase, said the near-term plan is for Base to enter the mainnet and decentralize it.

Base Manager Says Blockchain Will Become Independent of Crypto Exchange Coinbase

The platform has been live on the testnet since late February, which has been called a test phase of the Blockchain network.

Pollak did not share the "official timeline" but said Base is planning a mainnet launch in 2023.

"It's coming soon, we're working hard on it. It's our number one priority alongside our decentralization goals, and the rest of the year is really about making sure we get there as quickly as possible," Pollak said.

Pollak said Base's vision is to bring one million developers and one billion users on-chain through "easy-to-use" products on its platform.

Pollak said that Base hopes to become decentralized from Coinbase in "months or years" rather than a decade. Pollak added that the decentralization process "is not a timeline that will last forever", but rather has to do with the question of "how can we make progress on this today".

Many cryptocurrency organizations, platforms, marketplaces and infrastructure firms have started to develop Base: Blockdaemon, Chainlink, Etherscan, Quicknode, Aave, Animoca Brands, Dune, Nansen, Magic Eden, Pyth, Rainbow Wallet, Ribbon Finance, The Graph , Wormhole and Gelato to name a few.

Pollak previously oversaw all individual engineering at Coinbase, including the creation of Coinbase, Coinbase Pro, and Coinbase Wallet.

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