Crypto NewsBitcoinCurrent US President Joe Biden Launches Counterattack Against Trump's Cryptocurrency-Friendly Moves

Current US President Joe Biden Launches Counterattack Against Trump’s Cryptocurrency-Friendly Moves

US President Joe Biden made a move in response to his rival Donald Trump's cryptocurrency-friendly attitudes.

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Carole House, an important official who advised and co-wrote US President Joe Biden's 2022 executive order on cryptocurrencies and digital assets, rejoined the administration in a significant move.

House will serve as a special advisor to the White House's National Security Council, focusing on critical infrastructure policy and cybersecurity.

House announced his return on LinkedIn and expressed his commitment to the position. “I am honored to be called back to serve on absolutely critical mission groups needed to shape the future of safe and secure digital economies,” he wrote.

Its return coincides with President Biden's efforts to strengthen his credentials in the crypto sector, especially in light of former President Donald Trump's support for the digital assets industry. Despite several requests for comment, both the House and the White House have remained silent on the specifics of his new role.

Before rejoining the White House, House served as a “guest executive” at Terranet Ventures, a cryptocurrency-focused venture firm. House's extensive career also includes positions at the U.S. Commodity and Futures Trading Commission and previous assignments at the National Security Council.

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Dave Grimaldi, a vice president at the Blockchain Association, praised House's pragmatic approach. “He is a sensible expert whose pragmatic approach will be of great benefit to the Biden team,” Grimaldi said.

At the 2024 Consensus industry conference, House underlined the international adoption of cryptocurrencies for various economic purposes, while also emphasizing the need for more sanctions in the sector.

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