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CryptoQuant Announces Its Peak Target in Bitcoin and Glassnode Announces Its Short-Term Expectation! Will We See a Summer Rally in BTC?

Bold predictions for Bitcoin came from CryptoQuant CEO Ki Young Ju and Glassnode co-founder Yann Allemann.

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Although Bitcoin rose to $65,500 at the beginning of the week, it fell below $62,000 today with the declines it experienced afterwards.

Bitcoin Price May Reach 265 Thousand Dollars!

While investors were worried that the decline might deepen, CryptoQuant CEO Ki Young Ju made a bold prediction in his post, stating that Bitcoin had the potential to rise to $ 265,000.

Arguing that BTC network fundamentals can maintain three times the market value compared to the peak in the previous cycle, Ju based his claim on the Hashrate / market cap ratio.

“Bitcoin network fundamentals could support a market cap three times its current size compared to the last cyclical peak, potentially sustaining a price of $265K.”

Summer Rally May Be Seen in Bitcoin!

While expectations of $100,000 in Bitcoin were revived, a post about possible scenarios in BTC came from Yann Allemann, co-founder of Glassnode, known as Negentropic in X.

Stating that Bitcoin is currently about to break the pennant formation and the 50-day SMA trnd line, the famous name claimed that if BTC manages to break the $ 65,000-66,000 level, it can reach $ 85,200 before the summer.

Glassnode co-founder, who added a chart to his post showing that BTC is in the process of breaking the pennant formation and 50-Day SMA trend line, listed his price predictions for BTC:

“Bitcoin is currently in the process of breaking the Pennant and 50-Day SMA trend line.

“When BTC breaks the $65,000-66,000 level, it will first move to $73,500 and then to $76,500, and it is most likely that we will see $85,200 before the summer.”

*This is not investment advice.

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