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Cryptocurrency Trader Earns 800 ETH by Manipulating a Bot that Copied His Trades

A cryptocurrency investor earned 800 Ethereum when he noticed the bot copying his trades on Blur.

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When a cryptocurrency and NFT trader noticed a bot copying bids he made on the NFT market Blur, he manipulated the bot and sold his worthless NFTs to the bot at high prices.

Hanwe Chang, who is also a Youtuber, announced on Twitter that when the bot in question imitated her own offers, she deceived the bot and made a profit of 800 Ethereum.

However, the name behind the bot in question soon revealed itself. Responding to Chang's post on Twitter, the developer claimed that funds were stolen by manipulating the bot. The bot's developer is demanding a return of funds in exchange for a “reward” to be given to Chang.

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The anonymous developer, using the name elizab.eth ENS, said that if the funds are not returned, he will take legal action, and Chang's tweet on Twitter made it clear that he was malicious by deceiving the bot.

elizab.eth also shared a source that a similar incident in 2020 ended in court. The developer stated that if Chang does not admit that he manipulated the bot, there is a possibility that he will keep the funds, but there is no such chance anymore.

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