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Cryptocurrency Scandal at DenizBank!

There was a cryptocurrency scandal in Denizbank.

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According to the news of DHA, a new scandal has emerged in Denizbank, which has tightened its inspections in the bank after the Seçil Erzan scandal.

Accordingly, 205 million liras were stolen from customers' accounts in the incident that took place at the branch in Manavgat district of Antalya.

Within the scope of this incident, 8 suspects, including branch manager Rahşan Eylem Bulut, deputy manager Utku Erdem and 2 bank personnel, were arrested, and it was claimed that the money taken from the customers' accounts was lost in the cryptocurrency exchange.

As a result of the inspector's examination carried out in the bank, it was determined that deputy branch manager Utku Erdem transferred a total of 205 million liras from customers' accounts to people he knew, piece by piece, from 2021 to April 2024.

It was stated in the inspectors' report that these people later sent the money to Utku Erdem's account again.

The news stated that the bank filed a criminal complaint and an investigation was subsequently launched by the Manavgat Chief Public Prosecutor's Office.

Finally, it was stated in the news that Utku Erdim admitted the crime in his statement and said that he lost the money he received from customers piece by piece on virtual betting sites and cryptocurrency exchanges abroad.

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