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Cryptocurrency Journalist Eleanor Terrett Reveals She Heard Something New About Ethereum Spot ETFs

Famous cryptocurrency journalist Eleanor Terrett shared new information about Ethereum Spot ETFs in her statement.

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Eleanor Terrett, a famous cryptocurrency journalist, raised the possibility of Ethereum Spot ETFs being approved tomorrow.

Terrett said the following regarding the issue:

“Discussions have begun between SEC staff and issuers regarding S-1s, with the conclusion that there is 'work to be done' on them. I will consult with ETF experts on this, but this suggests the SEC may approve 19b4s tomorrow and then over the next few weeks/months.” “It shows that it will work with issuers on S-1s throughout.”

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Bloomberg ETF analyst James Seyffart also made evaluations on the subject. “Yes, I think if they work very hard it can be done in a few weeks, but there are many examples in history of this process taking more than 3 months (of course, the current situation is unlike anything that has ever happened in history, in my opinion),” Seyffart said.

Until a few days ago, almost everyone was commenting on ETH Spot ETFs as impossible, but the institution's attitude has changed 180 degrees and almost the entire cryptocurrency market is now waiting for approval for these products, with the final decision date of May 22.

*This is not investment advice.

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