Crypto NewsNewsCryptocurrency Detective Warned: "These Cryptocurrency Platforms Are Scams, Withdraw Your Money Immediately"

Cryptocurrency Detective Warned: “These Cryptocurrency Platforms Are Scams, Withdraw Your Money Immediately”

Cryptocurrency detective ZachXBT reported that a crypto platform was founded by a team that had previously committed fraud.

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ZachXBT, a famous on-chain detective, issued a warning about the project called ZebraDAO on the Base network. He suspects that the team behind ZebraDAO may be the same scammers behind Leaper Finance, a new project launched on Blast.

The platform is currently online with a Total Locked Value (TVL) of $311,000. ZachXBT urged users who deposited money into the protocol to immediately withdraw their assets.

Previously, ZachXBT reported that Leaper Finance, the new project of the fraud team that stole tens of millions of dollars from websites such as Magnate, Kokomo, Lendora, Solfire, was placed on Blast. Last week, the fraud ring funded an address on Blast with nearly $1 million in laundered funds from previous scams and began providing liquidity to bait users.

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ZachXBT stated that the fraud team increased its TVL over a million dollars over a period of time, then stole all user funds deposited into the protocol, forged KYC documents, and used low-level auditing companies.

Currently, the fraud team has initiated fraud on multiple cryptocurrency networks, including Base, Solana, Scroll, Optimism, Arbitrum, Ethereum, Avalanche, and others.

*This is not investment advice.

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