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Crypto Sector Makes Its Mark on the US Presidential Election! After Trump, Joe Biden Also Gave the Green Light to Crypto! Here are the Details

President Joe Biden's campaign team has made a strategic move to appeal to Generation Z voters.

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President Joe Biden's campaign team is seeking a meme master in a strategic move to attract Gen Z voters.

The Biden for President (BFP) campaign has posted a job opening for an “Partner Manager” who will be tasked with overseeing day-to-day operations to engage the best content creators and meme pages on the internet.

President Biden's Campaign Seeks Meme Developer to Engage Generation Z Voters

The meme manager's primary responsibilities will include managing relationships with digital media companies, podcasters, and various social media influencers.

Biden's campaign has dabbled in meme culture before. The campaign adopted the “Dark Brandon” Meme in early 2022, depicting the 81-year-old president with laser eyes, to appeal to younger, internet-savvy audiences.

The meme gained traction and was mentioned by Biden himself on Seth Meyers' Late Night in February.

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The push to appeal to young voters with digital and meme-based content underscores the campaign's effort to modernize its outreach.

The move also comes as Democrats are changing their stance on cryptocurrency, likely influenced by former President Donald Trump's pro-cryptocurrency comments to garner votes for the 2024 elections.

Trump, who is no stranger to meme culture himself, exploited the mug shot taken in Fulton County Prison in Georgia in August 2023 by selling products featuring this image.

His campaign also launched a “MugShot” non-fungible token (NFT) collection in December 2023, following his indictment.

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