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Crypto Sales Service Coming to MetaMask Wallet!

The browser-based crypto storage application makes it possible for users to buy cryptocurrencies directly.

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Browser-based crypto wallet application MetaMask is making great efforts to grow its user network with successive development announcements.

The decentralized wallet announced last week that it will add a tool that allows users to preview NFTs. MetaMask developers have launched a feature that can seriously grow their audience in a blog post published today.

According to the statement made on the official site, MetaMask users will be able to buy crypto money directly through the interface. Cryptocurrency investors using the plugin will be directed to the decentralized portfolio if they press the "buy" button.

Can Turkish Investors Use It?

In the post it published, the MetaMask team stated that crypto money can be purchased through all 189 countries where the platform is used. Options such as bank-credit card, PayPal, EFT/Money Transfer will be active to acquire digital assets from the browser-based wallet application. Authorities emphasize that users will comply with the authentication regulations of the region where they reside.

MetaMask announced that it will initially list 90 different cryptocurrencies, which are available on 8 different networks (Ethereum, CELO, Fantom, Arbitrum, Binance Chain, Avax and Polygon).

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