Crypto NewsNewsCrypto Funds Flock to the Region with EU Regulations

Crypto Funds Flock to the Region with EU Regulations

Clear steps towards crypto regulation in the European Union have led mutual funds to favor regional crypto startups.

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While it is unclear who will even regulate cryptocurrencies in the United States, steps taken in Europe have resulted in investment funds flowing into local crypto projects.

Patrick Hansen, EU chief of stablecoin issuer Circle, stated that investment in blockchain projects in the region is 10 times higher than in the past.

Linking the increase in question to MiCA regulations, Hansen embodied his thesis thanks to the graphic he shared.

According to the chart shared by the Circle official, EU-based crypto projects received 48% of all investments in the 1st quarter of 2023. This figure was only around 6% last year.

Richard Teng, European Regional President of the giant crypto exchange Binance, made similar remarks in an interview with a magazine.

"The new MiCA regulations remove uncertainty for the future of crypto projects in the European Union. Other countries should follow suit."

According to research by investment firm Rockaway, the cities of London, Zurich and Berlin play an important role in the regional fund flow. Rockaway announced that in 2022, crypto startups received $5.7 billion investment.

Although crypto investments are heading to the European region, the total figure is lower than in the past. 2023 1st quarter investments are 82% below the quarterly average of the previous year.

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