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Crypto ETFs Continue to Dominate the Investment World!

Crypto mutual funds listed on the stock markets have achieved higher returns compared to their competitors.

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Exchange traded funds covering blockchain, cryptocurrencies and miners marked the first quarter of 2023.

According to the data, more than half (13) of the top 20 high-performing ETFs in the United States are investing in cryptocurrencies.

Valkyrie's Bitcoin miner ETF, which offers crypto investment products, and CONL funds, which long Coinbase shares with leverage, shared the third place in the list with 135% returns. The exchange traded funds VanEck Digital Asset Mining (DAM) and DAPP rose 100% to become the 6th and 8th funds with the highest earnings.

A natural gas fund, codenamed KOLD, took the first place in the list of the most valued exchange traded funds, with a return of 148%. In the same time frame, the S&P 500 index rose only 7.5%.

Traditional Investors Prefer ETFs

An analyst at Swan Bitcoin, a financial service provider for digital assets, noted that mainstream investors are showing great interest in ETFs.

"As exchange-traded funds comply with current regulations, citizens investing in BES can take risks and turn to crypto ETFs."

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