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Cryptic Share from Bitcoin Bull Michael Saylor: BTC Predictions?

Is Michael Saylor's latest post a clue for Bitcoin expectations?

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A new post came from MicroStrategy founder Michael Saylor, who expresses his endless trust in Bitcoin in every post and statement.

The last post of Saylor, who posts about BTC almost every day, led to some speculations in the community.

Saylor said, “Keep your eyes on the prize” in his post. It was seen that the Bitcoin image shared by Saylor had the numbers 69 above it and 98 and 89 below it.

The community stated that the post was an encrypted message and interpreted these figures as the expectations of the famous Bitcoin bull Michael Saylor and could be clues about how high Bitcoin could rise soon.

Bullish Expectations for Bitcoin Are Increasing!

Thinking that Bitcoin will continue the upward trend it started last week, 10X Research founder Markus Thielen claimed in his new report that Bitcoin exceeding $ 67,500 could lead to new ATHs.

“A break above $67,500 could trigger a significant rise and potentially lead to new all-time highs,” Thielen said. said.

Apart from this, Santiment analysts also stated that there was a bullish signal for BTC.

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*This is not investment advice.

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