Crypto NewsExchangeCoinbase's Blockchain Base Launches Mainnet For Developers

Coinbase's Blockchain Base Launches Mainnet For Developers

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has launched its developer mainnet for Base, the layer-2 blockchain it is developing.

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Coinbase, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges, announced that it has launched the mainnet of its Tier 2 network Base for developers for developers to deploy applications on the scalable and secure platform.

Base is a rollup network that leverages OP Stack, Optimism's software stack, to perform off-chain computations and enable faster and cheaper transactions on Ethereum. Base aims to reduce congestion and fees while offering a seamless user experience and compatibility with the Ethereum mainnet.

Base main team said they have carried out rigorous internal and external security audits to ensure the security of the network and OP Stack. The audits included Coinbase protocol experts and more than 100 external security researchers, who reviewed the code and tested the network for potential vulnerabilities.

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The team also announced the availability of various developer tools on the Base mainnet, such as node providers, wallets, block explorers, and data indexers.

The team reiterated that they do not plan to issue a native token for Base because they believe the network's value proposition lies in scalability and security features, not speculation.

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