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Claims Confirmed: Seven Companies Meet SEC On Same Day For Bitcoin Spot ETF

According to the latest information, seven different Bitcoin ETF applicant companies held meetings with the SEC on this issue yesterday.

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In the latest developments regarding Bitcoin Spot ETF applications, numerous companies continue to hold discussions with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

On December 21, Valkyrie reportedly held its first official meeting with the SEC regarding its Bitcoin ETF application.

BlackRock, one of the important players in the ETF market, also met with the SEC on the same day. This was BlackRock's sixth official meeting.

ARK 21Shares and Franklin Templeton were also among the companies that met with the SEC on December 21 for their Bitcoin ETFs. Franklin Templeton was one of two late filers, excluding Pando, to experience a “rapid comment period from the SEC.”

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Fidelity held meetings with the SEC on December 21 for its Wise Origin Bitcoin ETF and VanEck for its own Bitcoin ETF. In total, six of the thirteen ETF applicants met on December 21, confirming the previous day's rumors. Grayscale was among the companies that held meetings about Bitcoin ETFs.

In a significant development, BlackRock accepted the SEC's preferred cash method after weeks of negotiations. This means that new shares in the potential ETF will be created using cash, rather than exchanging the underlying asset, Bitcoin, for an equivalent amount of shares. However, the ETF will still hold BTC.

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