Crypto NewsExchangeClaim: Justin Sun Is Negotiating For Huobi Shares!

Claim: Justin Sun Is Negotiating For Huobi Shares!

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According to a report published in Bloomberg, the giant media organ of the economy and finance world, Tron founder Justin Sun is in talks with investors for some of Huobi shares.

Speaking to Bloomberg, the crypto source claimed that Sun is in constant contact with potential investors. There is no clear information about how much the Chinese billionaire values the cryptocurrency exchange. The source stated that the talks are still in the early stages.

Is Sun the "Secret" Owner of Huobi?

The close relationship between Tron founder Justin Sun and cryptocurrency exchange Huobi attracts everyone's attention. The crypto phenomenon claims to be Huobi's "advisor" and does not own any stake in the exchange.

Sun's spending of more than $200 million to support the company since the beginning of the year strengthens the claims. In a November report, Bloomberg claimed that the Tron founder paid $1 billion for the majority of Huobi shares. The Chinese billionaire, on the other hand, denied the allegations and stated that "they are not looking for any buyer/seller for the stock market".

Founded in China nearly a decade ago, Huobi had a market share of more than 20% before cryptocurrencies were banned in the country. Huobi, which moved its headquarters to Singapore and Hong Kong after the ban decision of the Jinping administration, only mediates 4% of crypto trade.

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