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Cardano Foundation Announces It Will Publish Annual Reports!

Cardano, one of the leading blockchain ecosystems, announced that it will publish a regular annual report.

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The Cardano Foundation, formed by Cardano developers, one of the leading blockchain projects, announced that it will publish annual reports from today. The annual report, which is expected to be prepared regularly, will reveal official data on the technological progress and the growth of the Cardano ecosystem.

Speaking after the first report was published, Cardano Foundation director Frederik Gregaard said:

“It has been three years since I started as a manager at the Cardano Foundation. During this process, I witnessed the rapid growth of the ADA ecosystem.

Cardano embodies technology that could also have corporate adoption in the long run.”

What's in the Report?

The annual report prepared by the Cardano Foundation includes the work of the developers to improve the ADA ecosystem and their future vision. The foundation communicated with universities and policy makers internationally, stating that it is working on a training program to better understand the Cardano ecosystem.

Gregaard believes that they can achieve their long-term goals as a result of their work. Cardano wants to provide decentralized and reliable open source infrastructures for the World.

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