Crypto NewsAltcoinBreaking News: Coinbase Announces New Altcoin Listing

Breaking News: Coinbase Announces New Altcoin Listing

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Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase announced that it will list the Ondo Finance (ONDO) altcoin on its platform.

According to Coinbase's statement, ONDO listing will be supported on the Ethereum network. It was announced that trading will begin later today if liquidity conditions are met.

However, the stock exchange announced that ONDO will be listed with the 'experimental' label. This tag is generally used for altcoins that are more open to speculation and may see high volatility in their prices.

ONDO was listed on futures trading by cryptocurrency exchange Binance two days ago, but it is not yet traded on Binance in the spot market. Ondo Finance stands out as a listing that fits the 'real world assets (RWA)' trend that has been on the agenda lately. The developers claim to invest stablecoins staked on the platform into US bonds.

*This is not investment advice.

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