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BREAKING: Coinbase Announces to Investors That It Will List a New Altcoin!

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Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase will list the Tensor (TNSR) altcoin, according to its official announcement.

Tensor is part of the recent upward trend of Solana-based altcoins. The altcoin in question was launched today as the native token of the Tensor NFT platform on SOL. The world's largest cryptocurrency exchanges, such as OKX and Binance, also listed the token as soon as it was launched.

According to its official statement, Tensor describes itself as follows:

“Tensor is an innovative NFT marketplace that appeals specifically to professional investors. It offers advanced functionality including real-time data, candlestick charts, and automated market making (AMM) pools for NFTs. In addition to these features, Tensor also offers rewarding incentives for its users.”

In its statement, Coinbase shared that the token will be opened for trading as soon as the necessary liquidity conditions are met.

*This is not investment advice.

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