Crypto NewsAltcoinBREAKING: Coinbase Announces the Listing of a New Altcoin

BREAKING: Coinbase Announces the Listing of a New Altcoin

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According to the last minute development, Coinbase will list Pirate Nation (PIRATE).

BOOK OF MEME (BOME) is known as a memecoin that has become popular recently. In addition, Notcoin (NOT) was released in May and can be described as a game accessed via Telegram.

Both altcoins are currently listed on Binance. However, neither altcoin is yet listed on Coinbase's spot market.

Coinbase Futures is a little more flexible with listings because it doesn't serve customers in the United States. Many altcoins that are not listed on the US version of Coinbase are traded on the futures platform. The company shared that it had no plans to open its futures trading platform to US customers.

*This is not investment advice.

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