Crypto NewsNewsBREAKING: Coinbase Announces It Will List a New Altcoin!

BREAKING: Coinbase Announces It Will List a New Altcoin!

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According to the last minute statement, Render (RENDER) altcoin will be listed on Coinbase on the Solana network.

Coinbase added Render to its roadmap for listing about two weeks ago. The Ethereum version of Render was originally listed on Coinbase, but since the altcoin's development team decided to switch to Solana, the old token form will now be deemed invalid.

The Render team cited the high transaction fees in Ethereum and the fact that Solana is faster and cheaper as the reason for their decision to switch to Solana.

Coinbase has recently accelerated regulations in the form of numerous listings, delistings and additions to its roadmap.

Currently, the company's listing roadmap includes Helium Mobile (MOBILE) and Ronin (RONIN).

In addition, Coinbase International, the international exchange arm of the company, has also recently added many altcoins to its futures platform.

*This is not investment advice.

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