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BREAKING: Bitcoin Spot ETFs Started Trading – Total Trading Volume Exceeds $1 Billion in Five Minutes

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According to last minute information, Bitcoin Spot ETFs, which the cryptocurrency world has been eagerly awaiting, started trading on US stock exchanges and their transaction volume exceeded 1 billion dollars.

Following the development, Bitcoin price exceeded $48,000.

According to the latest data, the transaction volume in Bitcoin Spot ETFs exceeded 2.3 billion dollars.

Bloomberg ETF analyst Eric Balchunas said the following about the performance of Bitcoin Spot ETFs in his statement:

“Wow, trading started just 20 minutes ago, and the volume traded within the group (including GBTC) is high, with half a billion traded within the group (including GBTC), led by IBIT (close to passing $1 billion) and FBTC (far surpassing BITO). It is worth noting that almost all of the volume in the first few days will turn into inflows.”

Bloomberg analyst James Seyffart reported that in the first 30 minutes of the opening, the transaction volume of the spot BTC ETF group exceeded $ 1.2 billion, of which GBTC reached $ 446 million, IBIT reached $ 389 million, and FBTC reached $ 230 million.

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