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BNB Reacts Positively After Signals That Binance Will Deal With The US: Bearish Analyst il Capo Comments

Bear analyst il Capo spoke about his hopes of reaching an agreement with Binance on the $4 billion US claim.

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After the US Department of Justice demanded $ 4 billion to end the criminal case against the cryptocurrency exchange Binance, there was a sudden increase in the BNB price from $ 247 to $ 263.

In the details provided by Bloomberg, it was claimed that some accusations could be made against Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao.

Capo of Crypto, who is known for his accusations against Binance after the claim that the company will reach an agreement with the USA and constantly talks about the decline in Bitcoin, made his first comment. According to the analyst, BNB reached the resistance point around $260 that the analyst previously mentioned and was rejected from there.

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The analyst argued that the news that the company and the US authorities would reach an agreement should be interpreted negatively, unlike most people. He claimed that the accusations against Binance and CZ are not a good sign.

In addition, the analyst also spoke about MATIC. il Capo of Crypto announced that it opened a short position in the MATIC token at a position of $ 0.91. The analyst said the $0.29 target was maintained. He stated that his second target for MATIC is $0.20, but he aims to close most of his position at $0.29.

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