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Bloomberg Analyst Announces the Only Condition for Approval of Solana ETFs! Spot Marks a New Date for Ethereum ETFs!

Eric Balchunas made statements about spot Ethereum and Solana ETFs.

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While the general expectation for the Spot Ethereum ETF to begin trading is mid-July, issuing companies applying for ETH ETF also submitted updated S-1 forms yesterday.

At this point, BlackRock, VanEck, Grayscale, Fidelity presented updated S-1 forms for spot Ethereum ETFs, while Bloomberg ETF analyst Eric Balchunas pointed out July 18 for the possible launch date of the ETFs.

“The SEC requested S-1s from issuer companies on July 8 but told issuers that the fee was not yet required.

They will soon announce details about their ETH ETF game plan. Later, data on fees will be added and given to the SEC. ETFs will then be opened for trading.

At this point we don't have a new launch date yet because the SEC hasn't announced what the ETF game plan is. We hope to hear soon. “But if you forced me to give my best guess for the date, I would point to July 18.”

If Donald Trump Doesn't Win the Election, Forget Solana ETFs!

Apart from Spot Ethereum ETFs, there have also been new developments in Solana ETFs. It filed a 19b-4 for its SOL ETFs along with VanEck and 21 Shares Cboe, which filed for the Solana ETF yesterday.

While the question of whether there is a possibility of approval of SOL ETFs is on the agenda again, Eric Balchunas said that the fate of SOL ETFs depends on Trump.

Accordingly, Eric Balchunas said that the US presidential elections in November will be critical for Solana ETFs.

Balchunas stated that if Biden wins, Solana ETFs are unlikely to be approved, but if Trump wins, anything is possible for SOL ETFs.

“It seems that the deadline for Solana ETFs will be March 2025. But until March 2025, November 2024 will be very important. Because if Biden wins the elections, forget about Solana ETFs. If Trump wins, anything is possible.”

Finally, Rob Marrocco, global head of Cboe ETP Listings, said the following about Solana ETF 19b-4 applications:

“We are addressing growing investor interest in Solana, one of the most actively traded cryptocurrencies after Bitcoin and Ether.”


*This is not investment advice.

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