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Blockchain, Metaverse and Artificial Intelligence Company Raised $54M in Investment Round Including Ripple!

Futureverse, a startup made up of 11 different companies, has received $54 million in investment from investors including Ribble Labs.

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While expectations for the future of cryptocurrencies are rising, many projects continue to raise millions of dollars in funds.

In this context, Futureverse, an initiative consisting of 11 different companies, recently received an investment of 54 million dollars.

Futureverse, a combination of 11 different startups from various industries including blockchain, artificial intelligence, metaverse and gaming, has raised $54 million in a series A funding round, Bloomberg reported.

Cryptocurrency investment firm 10T Holdings is leading the Futureverse funding round, while other investors include Ripple Labs, which recently won a victory over the SEC and is the subject of a decision that could affect the regulation of the cryptocurrency industry.

Futureverse said in a statement that the funds will be used to advance research and development, as well as the game-focused blockchain chain The Root Network, which is Ethereum Virtual Machine compatible and offers an XRP Ledger integration.

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