Crypto NewsBitcoinBitcoin's Nightmare Opens Mt.Gox Payment Screen! Has 142,000 BTC Distribution Started?

Bitcoin's Nightmare Opens Mt.Gox Payment Screen! Has 142,000 BTC Distribution Started?

A new phase has been entered in the Mt.

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A new phase has started in Mt.Gox payments, which Bitcoin investors are closely following.

As of April 6, the deadline for reporting refund requests has expired. With the expiry of the period, the payment screen was opened for those who requested payment. It has been reported that victims can request their payments from this screen.

Although the payment screen will pop up, it will take some time for refunds to begin, according to a fact sheet released today by the Mt.

“The trustees are making the necessary preparations with financial institutions, including crypto exchanges that will distribute the payments. In light of this, it is expected that it will take some time for the repayment to begin.”

Payments are expected to be made in parts, not in one go. The date on which the payments will be completed was previously announced as October 31. However, according to today's information note, this period may be postponed to a later date.

According to the last table, the money to be distributed is as follows:

142,000 BTC ($3.9 billion)

143,000 BCH ($17.9 million)

68 billion Japanese yen ($523 million)

Each creditor will receive the first 200,000 yen of their receivables in cash. Those with more balance will receive 71% of the remaining portion in the form of crypto and 29% in the form of cash mix.

What is the Mt. Gox Incident?

Japanese Cryptocurrency Exchange Mt.Gox, which wanted its bankruptcy after hackers stole 850 thousand Bitcoins in 2014, could not pay the money of many investors after announcing its bankruptcy.

As a result of the lawsuits that lasted for about 8 years, it was determined that there was a forgotten 200.000Bitcoin wallet belonging to the bankrupt stock market.

The liquidation commission appointed by the Tokyo District Court decided to distribute Mt.

With the finalization of the payment plan, the Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Mt. Gox's plan to distribute 142,000 Bitcoins has reached the final stage.

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