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Bitcoin Wallet That Has Been Sleeping For 9 Years Awakens!

The BTC wallet, which has been dormant for 9.3 years, transferred 2,071 Bitcoins.

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Making a good start to 2023, Bitcoin has experienced an increase of about 80% since January. While some investors, who turned this rise in BTC into an opportunity, were selling, some inactive wallets started to become active.

Popular on-chain data provider Lookonchain said in its post today that the wallet that had been sleeping for 9 years woke up and transferred BTC.

Accordingly, 2,071.5 Bitcoins were transferred from the wallet that has been inactive for 9.3 years.

Lookonchain stated that 2,071 BTC worth $60 million were sent from the wallet to the address starting with "bc1q" this morning.

Lookonchain also shared that this whale bought 6,071.5 Bitcoin on December 19, 2013 at $663.

The total profit of Bitcoins in the wallet is around $178 million.

A wallet that has been idle for 9.3 years transferred 2,071.5 BTC from 6,071.5 Bitcoins to an address starting with 'bc1q'.

This whale bought 6,071.5 Bitcoin on December 19, 2023 at $663.

Although the real reason why this wallet was inactive for such a long time and then took action is not known, it has been interpreted that this wallet address may have been stolen or that investors transferred to new wallets against hack attacks.

*Not investment advice.

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