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Bitcoin Wallet, Sleeping for 12 Years, Awakens!

The dormant Bitcoin wallet became active after 12 years.

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Making a good start to 2023, Bitcoin has experienced an increase of about 80% since January.

While some investors, who turned this rise in BTC into an opportunity, were selling, some dormant whales started to become active.

Whale Alert, the site that monitors the movements of whales, said in its post today that the Bitcoin address, which has been idle for 12 years, has become active again.

Whale Alert added that this wallet contains 1,000 BTC and the wallet transferred 400 BTC to an address.

"An idle address containing 1,000 Bitcoins (worth $27,456,958) became active after 12.0 years!"

Whale Alert also stated in its previous post that a wallet containing 2,365 Ethereum (ETH) became active after 7.7.

*Not investment advice.

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