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Bitcoin Spot ETFs to be Approved Tomorrow? Bloomberg Analyst Puts an End to Rumors

In his statement, Bloomberg analyst James Seyffart focused on rumors that Bitcoin Spot ETF approval may be imminent.

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Bloomberg's cryptocurrency analyst James Seyffart stated in his statement that, contrary to rumors, he did not predict that Bitcoin Spot ETF approvals would come tomorrow, and that he thought the approval date would be between January 8 and January 10.

Recently, Techcrunch reporter Jacquelyn Melinek said in her statement that, according to information based on sources very close to the SEC, the institution will approve spot Bitcoin ETFs and that she expects an improvement on the situation tomorrow (Friday).

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Previously, Reuters and FOX Business claimed that approvals could come on January 2-3, but there was no development on these dates. At the beginning of the week, FOX Business reporter Eleanor Terrett said in her update that the day that will be in focus as the approval date for BTC Spot ETFs may be Friday.

Bloomberg analysts do not expect any developments this week and are focusing especially on January 10. January 10 is known as the SEC's final decision date for ARK Invest's BTC Spot ETF application. The SEC may decide to postpone, accept or reject Bitcoin Spot ETFs on that day. In case of rejection, applicant companies are expected to file a lawsuit with the SEC.

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