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Bitcoin Mining Emission Drops To Historic Low!

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Activist Daniel Batten, who studies the effects of cryptocurrencies on climate and energy consumption, hit the argument that "crypto mining is more and more damaging to the environment" put forward by Bitcoin opponents with the new data he shared.

Batten, who compiles some on-chain data and shares it with his followers on his Twitter account, stated that Bitcoin emissions have reached a "historic low".

“Emissions per kilowatt of bitcoin mining have halved in the last 3.5 years.”

The climate activist highlighted the possible reasons for the situation, emphasizing that there is no other sector that reduces its emission intensity so quickly. According to Daniel Batten, miners are now using more efficient devices by leveraging sustainable resources.

The Rise of Sustainable Mining

According to on-chain tracker Woobull, the sustainability level of Bitcoin mining has reached 54%, breaking the all-time record.

Batten stated that if the current situation continues, zero carbon footprint is not a dream. The climate activist related the limited decline experienced in recent days with the increase in hashrate rate.

According to on-chain tracker, BTC mining difficulty has risen by almost 50% in the past 6 months.

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