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Bitcoin Halving is Close: What About BTC Miners? What Should the BTC Price Be to Prevent Them From Collapsing?

Bitcoin halving will happen soon and miners' income will be halved. Well what does it mean?

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The Bitcoin (BTC) halving, a major event that will cut miners' primary source of income in half, is just around the corner. Despite this daunting prospect, analysts suggest that larger publicly traded miners are well-equipped not only to survive the halving but also to thrive.

“We believe a Bitcoin price above $60,000-$65,000 means halving risk is eliminated for nearly all public miners,” John Todaro, an analyst at Needham, said in a note to clients.

Currently, the cost for miners to mine a single Bitcoin ranges from $36,000 to $52,700. Despite Bitcoin's recent decline, BTC is still trading above $60,000. “With Bitcoin trading at all-time highs, miners are seeing attractive margins,” Todaro added.

For margins to be significantly compressed, Bitcoin prices must fall below $50,000 or the hash rate must rise significantly to 800 EH+. The hash rate, currently around 623 and measured in exahashes, determines the mining difficulty of the Bitcoin network, the higher the rate, the greater the cost for miners.

“The large publicly traded miners are doing much better right now than they have in previous cycles,” said Mike Colonnese, an analyst at HC Wainwright.

“They have much stronger cash balances, they're increasing their Bitcoin reserves, there's a lot more liquidity going into this halving. In addition, a lot of the larger companies are placing these large buy orders with Bitmain and MicroBT to really increase their fleet efficiencies to reduce operating costs.” “

*This is not investment advice.

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