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Bitcoin Exchange, Which Is Troubled With Lawsuits in the USA, Published Its Latest Reserve Report! There is a serious meltdown in funds!

The cryptocurrency exchange, against which an important lawsuit was filed in the USA, published its reserve report, which it publishes regularly every month.

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KuCoin, the cryptocurrency exchange that is in trouble with lawsuits in the USA, published its latest asset reserve certificate, shedding light on users' assets and their changes compared to the previous period.

KuCoin Releases Asset Reserve Document, Announces Decrease in User Assets

According to the data, users' BTC holdings stood at 12,114, marking a significant decrease of 25.4% compared to the last figure recorded on February 29.

Similarly, users' ETH holdings stood at 112,000, marking a 21.91% decrease since the previous assessment. In addition, USDT assets were recorded at 963 million, experiencing a decline of 21.5% during the same period.

Issuing the asset reserve certificate provides transparency regarding user assets on the KuCoin exchange and allows stakeholders to track changes in asset values over time.

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These fluctuations in user assets underscore the dynamic nature of the cryptocurrency market, characterized by volatility and changing investor sentiment.

While declines in asset values may reflect market movements or user activities, they are also a reminder of the importance of risk management and diversification in cryptocurrency investments.

As KuCoin continues to provide updates on user asset holdings through asset reserve certificates, investors and traders can use this information to make informed decisions when navigating the cryptocurrency landscape.

*This is not investment advice.

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