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Bitcoin Exchange Coinbase Starts A Mysterious Countdown: Will It List This Altcoin In 3 Days?

Popular cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase started a remarkable countdown in its post on Twitter.

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US-based Coinbase, which draws attention as the most popular cryptocurrency exchange after Binance, came to the fore with its sharing on Twitter.

What Does the "3" Share of Cryptocurrency Exchange Coinbase Mean?

An image with a large "3" appears on Coinbase's post. Many people believe this is a countdown.

Although some cryptocurrency investors claim that this points to the listing of the popular meme token PEPE on Coinbase, Coinbase has never published an altcoin listing so far.

In addition, it is unlikely that such a pre-listing tip will come from a cryptocurrency exchange that is in trouble with some of its former employees insider trading on the stock market.

However, it is estimated that the countdown in question is related to the international cryptocurrency exchange that Coinbase is planning to create. Snatching regulatory pressures in the US, Coinbase recently announced that it would launch an offshore cryptocurrency derivatives exchange.

The information that came in the past weeks was that the implementation of the mentioned international branch of Coinbase was only a matter of time. Therefore, the company's last countdown post is estimated to be related to the international stock market.

*Not investment advice.

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