Crypto NewsAltcoinBitcoin Exchange Binance Released a New Altcoin Pair Listing Announcement!

Bitcoin Exchange Binance Released a New Altcoin Pair Listing Announcement!

Popular cryptocurrency exchange Binance announced the new altcoins that it will list on its platform to its users on its blog.

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Binance is preparing to introduce new trading pairs and Trading Bots services on the Spot platform in order to provide users with a wider range of trading options and improve their overall trading experience.

Binance Expands Trading Options: JUP/USDC and PENDLE/FDUSD Trading Pairs Introduced

New Trading Pairs:

JUP/USDC: The JUP/USDC spot trading pair will open for trading on February 7, 2024 at 11:00 AM.

PENDLE/FDUSD: Simultaneously, the PENDLE/FDUSD spot trading pair will also be available for trading on the same date and time.

Zero Maker Fee on FDUSD Pairs:

As a special incentive, Binance announced that it will impose zero maker fees on FDUSD trading pairs for specified trading pairs until further notice.

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This initiative aims to encourage users to explore the FDUSD market and participate in trading activities.

Binance is committed to constantly improving its platform by introducing new features, trading pairs and services. These additions are designed to empower users with greater flexibility and diversified trading strategies.

Users are encouraged to take advantage of these new trading pairs and services to ensure they stay updated with the latest offers on the Binance Spot platform.

*This is not investment advice.

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