Crypto NewsAltcoinBitcoin Exchange Binance Announces This Altcoin Will Support Network Upgrade!

Bitcoin Exchange Binance Announces This Altcoin Will Support Network Upgrade!

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance announced to its users that it provides full support for the network upgrade of this altcoin network.

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Binance, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges, announced that it supports the Neutron (NTRN) network upgrade, which is planned to start at approximately 17:30 on April 10, 2024.

Binance Will Facilitate Neutron (NTRN) Network Upgrade

In preparation for the network upgrade, Binance will temporarily suspend token deposits and withdrawals on the Neutron (NTRN) network, ensuring a smooth transition and optimal user experience.

The upgrade is scheduled to take place around 16:30 on the same day, at block height 9,034,900.

Despite the suspension of deposits and withdrawals, trading activities involving tokens on the Neutron network will not be affected during the upgrade.

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Binance will alleviate operational concerns by managing all technical aspects required for the upgrade on behalf of its users.

Once the network upgrade is complete and the upgraded network is deemed stable, deposits and withdrawals of tokens on the Neutron network will resume.

Binance has assured users that there will be no further announcements regarding the reopening of deposits and withdrawals, signaling the completion of the upgrade process.

By facilitating the Neutron (NTRN) network upgrade, Binance reiterates its commitment to providing a reliable and secure trading environment for its users while supporting the advancement and development of blockchain technology.

*This is not an investment recommendation.

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