Crypto NewsAnalysisBitcoin Doesn't Stop! BTC Exceeds $58,000 for the First Time After December...

Bitcoin Doesn't Stop! BTC Exceeds $58,000 for the First Time After December 2021!

Bitcoin has been experiencing a tremendous rise in recent days and has risen above $58,000 again after years.

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Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency, has been experiencing a tremendous rise in recent days, rising above $58,000 again after years.

BTC, which was getting closer to its peak of $ 69,000 in 2021, dropped to $ 15,000 during the bear season in 2022.

BTC, which bottomed at $ 15,000, has been gradually rising since 2023, and BTC last reached up to $ 58,760.

As we mentioned in our previous analysis, the biggest obstacles for Bitcoin were seen as the $ 57.00 and $ 59,400 levels. However, BTC surpassed $ 57,000 in today's rise and focused on $ 59,400, which is the only obstacle in front of it.

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While altcoins were also mobilizing along with BTC, Ethereum (ETH), the largest altcoin preparing for the Dencun upgrade, exceeded $ 3,300.

While some investors who made leveraged transactions were left behind with the rise in BTC and altcoins, according to data from Coinglass, a total of $ 29.49 million short positions were liquidated in the last hour. While short liquidations in the last 24 hours were 115 million dollars, long positions were liquidated for 101 million dollars.

Finally, when we look at the Fear and Greed index, it is seen that it is in the Extreme Greed position with 82 points.

While the entire market is going green with the recent rise of BTC, we will be monitoring whether this rise will continue.

*This is not investment advice.

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