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Bitcoin (BTC) Comment from Billionaire Fund Manager!

Hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones made striking comments about Bitcoin on a television show.

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Paul Tudor Jones, one of the most well-known fund managers in the USA, made some inferences about Bitcoin in a television program he participated in his country. Jones' comments on BTC resonated with the crypto community.

Speaking on CNBC's TV show Squawk Box, the famous billionaire stated that Bitcoin works completely against the financial regulations in the country. According to Tudor, this is a blow to crypto adoption.

Updating his previous comments on inflation during the interview, Jones emphasized that as a result of the decline in the inflation rate, less uptrend scenarios are formed for the BTC price. According to the fund manager, Bitcoin; It is an important hedging tool for investors against inflationary pressures. Today, however, inflation is moving downwards.

In other words, according to this view, Bitcoin will not be preferred as an inflation hedging tool in the current situation. Because the inflationary environment is slowly disappearing.

Latest Status in Bitcoin

The leading cryptocurrency started positive in the second half of May after the selling pressure it was exposed to in the previous week.

Having pinned as high as $25,600 last Friday, BTC gained 1.80% on the first day of the week. Crypto analysts expect a permanent bullish move once the US-based banking and regulatory risks are over.

$BTC is currently finding buyers at $27,400.

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