Crypto NewsExchangeBinance Official: Cryptocurrencies Reduce Financial Crimes

Binance Official: Cryptocurrencies Reduce Financial Crimes

Tigran Gambaryan, head of Binance Financial Crimes Compliance, touched on a misconception about crypto in his latest video.

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Binance, the largest crypto trading platform by trading volume, has launched a new series of videos to disprove the belief that cryptocurrencies increase financial crimes.

Tigran Gambaryan, head of Binance Financial Crimes Compliance, talked about how technology provides transparency, starting with how he met cryptocurrencies in his latest informative video.

Most of his career of more than 10 years has been in law enforcement; Gambaryan, who spent time in areas such as money laundering, fighting drugs and corruption, stated that he met cryptocurrencies in an IRS investigation job.

"I met cryptocurrencies while practicing my profession. The transparency of digital assets with blockchain technology impressed me a lot. Then I started working in the crypto industry."

Stating that he has been working on crypto since 2012, Binance manager emphasized that financial crimes are revealed much easier thanks to network transparency.

“I played a major role in the editing of technology programs within the government and the Treasury Department. Thanks to the transparency of crypto, we have dealt a major blow to money laundering, public corruption and drug trafficking.”

Tigran Gambaryan worked as an expert in the US Internal Revenue Service between 2011-2021. Gambaryan has been head of the Binance exchange's Financial Crimes Compliance since December 2022.

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