Crypto NewsAltcoinBinance-Listed Altcoin Introduces New BRC20 Launchpad Program: Price Suddenly Jumps 30 Percent

Binance-Listed Altcoin Introduces New BRC20 Launchpad Program: Price Suddenly Jumps 30 Percent

The altcoin, which surprised with a last-minute announcement made during the holiday period, experienced a sudden increase in its price as a result of the announcement.

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In a significant development for the global web3 community, Lever (LEVER) announced the upcoming launch of LeverPro, a premium BRC20 launchpad for the BTC ecosystem.

According to the developers, the move marks a major step forward in Lever's commitment to driving innovation and growth in the rapidly expanding DeFi sector.

In the official blog post, the new platform is introduced as follows:

“LeverPro is designed to serve as a launchpad for high-potential BRC20 DeFi projects, giving them a platform to deliver new and exciting experiences to users. The focus is on projects that are not only promising but also aim to attract the attention of a global audience.

“With its proven track record in DeFi innovation, Lever is confident that LeverPro will emerge as the preferred partner in growth and development for these innovative BRC20 DeFi projects.”

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LEVER, listed on Binance, experienced a sudden rise following the development. The price of the altcoin has gained more than 30% and is trading around $0.0022 at the time of writing.

Chart with minute candles showing the rise in the LEVER price on Binance.

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