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Binance CEO CZ Denies Bloomberg! "I'm Not That Rich!"

CZ denied Bloomberg's report.

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While the leading crypto currency Bitcoin was experiencing lively hours yesterday evening, the leading finance-economy publication Bloomberg updated its regularly published Financial Rich list.

Stating that Binance CEO CZ is the 3rd in the list of financial riches, Bloomberg claimed that CZ's net worth is $28.2 billion, according to estimates.

Denying Bloomberg's report, CZ argued that the figures given in the news are incorrect and that the net worth of his wealth is not even close to the data announced on Bloomberg's rich list.

CZ said that all the figures, including his personal wealth and the annual income of the crypto exchange Binance, which he owns, are all wrong.

Denying Bloomberg's report on his Twitter account, CZ said:

"The numbers in the news are all wrong. These numbers are far from my wealth. I don't know why they made such a news.

Also, we never saw FTX as a competitor. We also welcome more and better managed exchanges in the crypto space.”

CZ also used the code "4" to refute FUD and fake news about him or his exchange, Binance, while publishing the report by Bloomberg.

CZ has previously denied the news about his fortune. So much so that in June 2022, the Guardian, referring to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index estimates, shared that CZ's wealth has dropped from $75 billion to $20.6 billion since January, with the decline in crypto markets.

Denying this news of the Guardian, CZ said, "I have no idea how they came up with these numbers. You have to understand that the net worth is just an estimate. When I look at my wallet, I don't have any money close to any of these figures." said.

*Not investment advice.

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