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Binance Announced the Addition of Many Altcoin Trading Pairs to its Futures Trading Platform!

Binance, the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange, announced the new altcoins that it will list on its margin platform on its blog.

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Global cryptocurrency exchange Binance continues to improve its trading services, recently including PIVX as a borrowable asset on both Cross Margin and Isolated Margin.

Binance Expands Margin Trading Offering with PIVX and New Trading Pairs

This move is accompanied by the addition of additional trading pairs Cross Margin and Isolated Margin, which offer users more diverse trading options.

PIVX, known for its privacy-focused blockchain, has joined the list of loanable assets on Binance's margin trading platforms.

Both Cross Margin and Isolated Margin users can now use PIVX to power their trading strategies and gain exposure to this particular digital asset.

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The newly introduced trading pairs aim to cater to the evolving preferences and trading strategies of the Binance community. Here are the details of the new couples:

New Cross Margin Pairs:



New Isolated Margin Pairs:





Binance's decision to add PIVX and expand its trading pairs is in line with the platform's commitment to offering a comprehensive range of digital assets and trading options.

Margin trading allows users to borrow funds and potentially increase their returns, but also involves higher risk due to increased exposure.

*This is not investment advice.

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