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Billionaire Crypto Tycoon Justin Sun Has $1.1 Billion Crypto: Here’s His Altcoin Portfolio

Which altcoins are included in Tron founder Justin Sun's $1.1 billion cryptocurrency portfolio?

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What cryptocurrencies does Justin Sun, the founder of Tron (TRX) and the de facto owner of the former Huobi exchange, now HTX, keep in his wallet?

Here are the altcoins and their amounts that Sun holds on different blockchain networks.

The total value of cryptocurrencies owned by Sun is approximately $1.1 billion.

Sun's assets are spread across various chains. The majority of its assets are in TRON, making up 64% of its portfolio with a value of $697.61 million. Ethereum follows with $361.99 million, accounting for 33% of the total. BNB Chain and Arbitrum make up the rest of its portfolio with $38.74 million and $60.23 thousand respectively.

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Sun's portfolio consists of a wide variety of different cryptocurrencies:

  • WSTETH: Sun holds 168,556 WSTETH worth $311.18 million.
  • USDD: 301,511,000 USDD worth 301.51 million dollars are also in Sun's wallet.
  • USDJ: Sun holds 191.357 million USDJ worth $214.32 million.
  • TRX: Sun holds 1.65 billion TRX worth $145.79 million.
  • BTT: It has 99.47 trillion BTT in its portfolio, worth $38.03 million.
  • JST: Sun has 1 billion JST worth $23.38 million.
  • NFT: Sun owns 17.60 trillion NFTs worth $5.70 million.
  • ETH: Justin Sun holds 3,349 ETH worth $5.42 million.
  • SUN: Sun owns 599,005,000 SUN worth $3.32 million.
  • WIN: Sun has 50.45 billion WIN in its portfolio, worth $3.15 million.
  • CRV: It has a CRV of 5.31 million worth $2.48 million.
  • BTC: Sun owns 90 BTC worth $2.46 million.
  • USDT: He has 1.30 million USDT worth $1.31 million.
  • ZRX: Sun holds 4.59 million ZRX worth $834.39 thousand.
  • SUSHI: Sun owns 328,009 SUSHI worth $183.25K.
  • COMP: He has 4,178 COMPs in his portfolio worth $178.44 thousand.
  • UT: Sun holds 5.714 million UT worth $174.75 thousand.

*This is not investment advice.

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