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Big Unlock in an Altcoin in the New Week: Circulating Supply to Increase 74 Percent

After a stagnant week, an altcoin is facing an important unlocking event in the new week.

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160.38 million Hashflow (HFT) tokens, equivalent to $41 million, will be unlocked on November 7. This represents approximately 74.20% of the circulating supply. Early investors will also unlock 62.5 million HFT tokens worth $16.02 million.

The HFT token is part of the Hashflow project, which raised $30.95 million from three rounds of token sales, selling 25% of the token supply in batches at $0.02, $0.1, and $0.4.

The final token distribution will be as follows:

  • Main Team: 193.2 million HFT (19.32%)
  • Early Investors: 250 million HFT (25%)
  • Future Hires: $25 million HFT (2.5%)
  • Ecosystem Development: 531.8 million HFT (53.18%)

The total HFT supply was recorded as 1 billion units and the circulating supply was recorded as 217.48 million units.

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The 20 largest HFT wallets hold a total of 957.83 million HFT ($245 million) (the majority locked), accounting for 95.77% of the total supply. Market makers have also become active, with Wintermute depositing $5.65 million HFT ($1.44 million) into the exchanges in the last 3 days. While JumpTrading has done almost no trading in HFT in the past month, GSR has been transferring HFT between exchanges and holding 30 million HFT ($7.7 million).

In terms of whale activity, the cryptocurrency whale with short address 0x3ff6 withdrew a total of 3.23 million HFT ($2.12 million) from KuCoin, Gateio, and Binance between February 13 and July 14, 2023, with the average withdrawal price recorded as $0.66. At the current price, Balina has lost 1.26 million dollars.

*This is not investment advice.

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