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Bernstein: "Ethereum Will Be The Key To The Next Bull!" Which Altcoins Will Benefit From This?

Ethereum staking services will be the key to the next bull market.

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Bernstein analysts stated in a report published on Monday that institutional investors may turn to Ethereum in the next bull cycle.

Analysts, who made an assessment on the deposit yields in the USA, stated that the interest yield in banks is close to zero against the current inflation and therefore the dissolution in deposits is directed to the money markets.

In the report, it was stated that smart money is in search of more returns and Ethereum staking services may come to the fore more in this process.

“The highest rates in the yield hierarchy are given in US dollars. A possible fall in interest rates and a development that will lead to a depreciation of the US dollar will make ETH returns more attractive.

ETH still remains deflationary.

The new cryptocurrency cycle will be about these returns. In the current financial system, banks do not share their earnings with their customers. However, ETH shares everything it earns with the stakers.

Demand for staking services increased after the Shanghai upgrade. Retail and institutional investor demand is behind this."

As stated in the report, the demand for ETH staking services has increased recently. In fact, one-month queues occurred due to the intensity experienced in ETH staking services.

If the expectations of Bernstein analysts come true and the next cycle is guided by these returns, the altcoins that will benefit the most will be Ethereum and the following.

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