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Bear Analyst il Capo Announces Bitcoin and Altcoin Expectations! Listed New BTC Targets!

Bear analyst il Capo of Crypto said he expects the rise in Bitcoin and altcoins to continue this week.

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Bitcoin experienced a rapid rise last week with the influence of data from the USA and rose above $ 67,000.

While BTC has been moving between $66,000-67,000 in recent hours, Capo of Crypto, who is known for his bearish views and is frequently criticized by investors with his bearish comments, shared his expectations for Bitcoin and altcoins.

At this point, Il Capo, who expects the rise in BTC and altcoins to continue, said that the BTC price should rise further as long as it remains above the $ 65,000 level.

“Another interesting week. Volatility this weekend was low as usual.

As long as Bitcoin remains above the $65,000 level, it should rise further.

The first target for BTC is the 2021 ATH ($69 thousand – $70 thousand) and the second target is the upper liquidity zone ($74 thousand – $75 thousand).”

Il Capo, who expects a rise in altcoins along with the rise in Bitcoin, said that Solana (SOL) is performing very well and generally leads the rest of the altcoin market.

Stating that the SEC's spot Ethereum ETF decision and NVIDIA balance sheet will be important for altcoins, the analyst said, “The ETH ETF decision will be important, but the reaction of the market will be more important than the result. Some results can be priced. Another important event is NVIDIA Earnings. In my opinion, this will be a good result and “As a result, it is likely that Bitcoin and altcoin prices will continue to rise this week.” said.

*This is not investment advice.

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