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Artificial Intelligence Themed Altcoin Receives $10 Million Investment! Price Is On The Rise!

Artificial Intelligence Driven Blockchain CryptoGPT has received a $10 million investment.

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The increasing interest in artificial intelligence technology has led cryptocurrencies to turn to this area.

In this context, Artificial intelligence-oriented blockchain CryptoGPT, which has a name similar to the popular artificial intelligence application ChatGPT, was among these projects.

In its last funding round, CryptoGPT received a $10 million investment, reaching a valuation of $250 million.

Series A funding round was led by DWF Labs.

Speaking to The Block on the subject, Dejan Erja, the co-founder and CTO of CryptoGPT, said:

“We raised $10 million as CryptoGPT in the Series A funding round. However, only $420,000 of the total amount has been invested by DWF Labs so far.

DWF Labs started investing in CryptoGPT last week and will invest the remaining amount for 285 days.

As part of our agreement with DWF Labs, DWF Labs, a web3 investment firm that is also a market maker, will also launch the market for CryptoGPT's GPT token."

As it is known, CryptoGPT has released its token named "GPT". After the investment news, the GPT price started to rise.

CryptoGPT raised $3 million in a funding round last month through the public sale of DAO Maker.

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