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Arthur Hayes, Who Expects FED Doping on Bitcoin, Says That This Altcoin He Sells Is Ready For Rally: He Is Getting Ready To Buy Again!

Bitcoin and Solana prediction came from BitMEX former CEO Arthur Hayes.

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New predictions came from BitMEX former CEO Arthur Hayes, who is frequently mentioned with his statements and predictions about Bitcoin and altcoins.

Arguing that there will be another banking crisis in the USA similar to March 2023 in the coming period, Arthur Hayes said that the FED will launch a rescue package again.

At this point, the famous name thought that Bitcoin could repeat the trend in March 2023 and predicted that the FED would print money and announce a potential bank rescue package, which would lead to a short BTC decline similar to March 2023 and a rapid recovery thereafter.

Hayes expects Bitcoin to fall slightly in the short term, and if stocks like New York Community Bank sell off and the government attempts an immediate bailout, he thinks Bitcoin will repeat the trend of March last year and the price will rise similarly.

Because during the banking crisis last March, Bitcoin first fell, but after the rescue package announced by the FED for banks, it quickly recovered and increased by 20%.

“What did the FED and the Treasury Department do in the recent period when US real estate prices fell and banks went bankrupt around the world? They printed money.

BTC: $1 million.”

“It's Time to Get on the Solana Train Again!”

While Hayes continues his rise in Bitcoin in the long term, he also expects an increase in Solana. Signaling that he would buy SOL again at this point, Hayes shared the SOL chart and said that “it might be time to get back on the train.”

“I think it's time to get back on the train at Solana. Maybe after a few U.S. banks make a fuss this weekend.”

Hayes Solana made a bullish prediction when it was at $60. Afterwards, the SOL price rose above $100 and Hayes' bullish prediction came true. At this point, investors are eagerly waiting to see whether this prediction of Hayes, whose previous prediction was correct, will also be correct.

*This is not investment advice.


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