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Arkham Discovered Grayscale’s 500 Massive Cryptocurrency Wallets: What’s Inside?

Cryptocurrency analysis company Arkham said in its statement that it detected many wallets belonging to Grayscale.

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Arkham, a cryptocurrency analysis company, announced that it detected data belonging to Grayscale Ethereum Trust on the blockchain.

The trust, a product of Grayscale Investments, a leading digital asset manager, holds more than 2.9 million ETH, worth approximately $5 billion at current prices. This makes it the second largest ETH asset globally after the Ethereum Foundation.

According to Arkham, the Grayscale Ethereum Trust has not been previously reported and is not publicly identified on the blockchain. That's because the trust's funds are split among more than 500 addresses, none of which holds more than $30 million.

This made the identification process even more difficult, according to Arkham analysts, as it required analyzing and cross-referencing activities with Grayscale's publicly reported balances.

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Arkham claims that it can detect addresses using special tools and methods that it does not explain in detail. The company said it would release a full report on its findings soon.

Here are the cryptocurrency assets according to Grayscale's Arkham data:

  • 2.987 million ETH, worth $4.87 billion
  • 3,590 BTC, worth $92.7 million
  • 301,488 LINK, worth $1.79 million
  • 263,888 UNI, valued at $1.14 million
  • 5.826 million BAT, valued at $974,140
  • 338.47 MKR, worth $378,730
  • 4,999 AAVE, valued at $272,470
  • 91,488 SNX, worth $175,660
  • 297,523 CRV, valued at $131,740

*This is not investment advice.

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